FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES - We control the freshness, quality and consistency of our products through a vertically-integrated structure. This facilitates 'just in time' delivery of our products at the height of their freshness from 'farm gate to port'. This ensures that the journey from field to kitchen is closely monitored and controlled in response to the evolving needs of our customers.

DAIRY PRODUCTS - Nature's goodness, the seal of freshness and a supplier network that remains loyal to the traditional wholesome goodness of their products are the common themes in the production process of our dairy products.

MEAT & SEAFOOD - DICL supplies the highest quality meat and seafood to markets worldwide. This is possible through the combined integrity of producers, the transportation infrastructure that preserve freshness of food, cold chain facilities and established purchasing network along coastal fishing locations

CANNED FOOD, JUICES, SPICES & ESSENCES - We export a range of packaged tropical fruit juices, spices and essences. These are free of preservatives, artificial colours and harmful contents. This high quality products are manufactured in Sri Lanka and are only pectin based.

Certification & Accreditation