HOTEL AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SUPPLY & SERVICES - We meet hospitality needs with quality products and excellent customer service. DICL supplies an extensive range of products and equipment that caters to hotel housekeeping supplies as well as general supplies. This is a function that we are experienced in, through years of exporting such merchandise.

PACKAGING MATERIAL - DICL is a specialist in executing an outsourcing function to manufacture and design a range of packing material. These range from Biodegradable Bags, Styrofoam Material, Plastic Shells, Polythene, Canvas, Corrugated Cartons & Paper-based packaging for food and beverage storage. Our packaging solutions also cater to water storage, refrigeration & cold room storage, outdoor storage, fish & vegetable storage, trays & vessels, individual fruit packs as well as numerous other applications.

HORTICULTURAL MATERIAL & INPUTS, GREENHOUSES AND POLYTUNNELS - Far reaching expertise, immense experience in the field of agricultural production & processing, the know-how to execute any horticultural product, regardless of size and scale strengthen our consultancy and operational acumen in the horticultural arena. This is made possible through our close rapport with our trade partners, together with equipment manufacturers, suppliers for turnkey projects as well as the supply of material, equipment, shade netting, greenhouses, irrigation & fertigation systems and hybrid seeds.

Certification & Accreditation